Our plan is to spend 2016 hurricane season in the northern Caribbean, so leaving Grenada was emotional. It was easy to fall in love with the country and the people and after spending 2 hurricane seasons there, it was sad to say goodbye. We had stayed the summer in St. George’s anchorage so we had immediate access to the “big city” of St. George’s. Stan learned to love buying the baggies of juice from the street vendors (just clip the edge and hold it up, $1EC or 35 cents US) and we couldn’t get enough of the little restaurant, D Joint. I don’t think she gets many white customers, so she’d see us on the street and shout and wave to us. I was always surprised she could recognize us. . . .We all look alike to them, I’m sure.

It turns out, every island we went to was a sad parting as we don’t expect to be back. Carriacou, Union Island, Mayreau, Bequia, Martinique.

Martinique. . . we stayed 7 weeks. Hadn’t expected that, but we liked it and we got comfortable and we rented a car—5 times! Three days we toured around with our friends, Jim and Sharna, on Second Spray. We had Thanksgiving with a large group of cruisers on one beach, Christmas Eve with another group of cruisers on another beach and New Years with Ric and Diane of Endorfin II. It was a fantastic 7 weeks.

Rum tasting La Favorite

La Favorite distillery rum tasting and buying

Vegetable stand on highway

Vegetable stands on the highway

Crossing the suspension bridge

Crossing the suspension bridges at the botanical gardens

Jim and Sharna made it across

Jim and Sharna, Second Spray

Duct tape on suspension bridge

Made it across. Scary! Is that duct tape holding this thing up?

Lann and Stan DePaz

DePaz rum distillery

Stan and Sharna study map

Captain and navigator, pulling over to read the map

Jim and Sharna study map

Jim and Sharna, reading the map at Clement rum distillery

Barrels of rum Clement

A lot of rum

Alcoholic Fumes

Alcoholic fumes? Hmmm. Intervention may be necessary.


Loved this! Le GMC

Lann and Sharna DuBoc ruins

Lann and Sharna roaming through the DuBoc ruins

Caravelle peninsula

The lighthouse at Caravalle peninsula

duboc ruins from Cravelle lighthouse

DuBoc ruins from the lighthouse

St James marketing poster

Interesting old marketing.

St James museum

St James rum distillery museum

Rum from 1938

Rum from 1938 that survived the Mt Pelee volcanic eruption

Hummingbird 2

Hummingbirds at the Banana Museum

Banana Museum 1

I loved the banana museum. Every kind of banana in the world growing in this enormous garden.

Banana Museum 2

More bananas

Stan at Banana Museum

I REALLY loved the banana museum

Banana Museum 3

I think these bananas were the strangest

Banana Museum 4

Yup, another banana picture

Banana Museum 5

Okay, last banana picture. These were just decorative.


5 thoughts on “North

  1. I was just talking to Gary P. about not hearing anything from you for a while and boom here you are posting another great adventure 🙂 I am so happy for you getting all these experiences. Thank you sooo much for sharing and yes, I loved ALL the banana pictures too, lol.

  2. You too look good what great fun your having. Were setting sail in a month and can not wait. More snow this winter making it easy to leave for a Caribbean trip. Where are you at now in the Carib? I keep telling Janet and Susanne to come and see you for a time of their lives. Be good GP and Lynn

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